"Ride On" the last single for "Geography of the Soul"

"Ride on" will be available at CDbaby and Itunes on Thanksgiving day, here is a sneak preview via Soundcloud. We cut this song back in January and it has been a fav for a few close friends. Hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

The full length album will be available in the second week of January, if you are inclined to pick up a copy, I wholeheartedly endorse CD's over MP3 downloads, as the quality we put into this record I am sure will be appreciated by you hi fi audio enthusiast's.

Paul Hollowell, Piano, JKO, Jim Hyatt Bass

The Caster brothers, JKO strat, James (the nashville cowboy) Mitchell, Tele~

Kelly Schoenfeld, awesome engineer

Wayne Killius, drummer extraordinaire, with a touch of Stewart Copeland thrown in for fun!

Glen Duncan, acoustic guitarist groove master with an attitude, (a great one!)

Tracking "Beat the Pinata~"


James Kevin O'Connor| Master Storyteller | Singer/Songwriter | Audio/Video Artist