Welcome to Nashville

I met Kim Copeland (Music Row Producer) at a music conference in 09, I had been on her mailing list since that time. I decided to give her a call in Dec of 2012 to catch up and share some idea's about my newest work, several short weeks later, I was in the studio in Nashville with Kim and her amazing band of kickass musicians.

We cut 3 songs and it was such a rush to work with people of this level of talent. Oh, and a side note, personally, we got on exceptionally well, after all, I am from NJ! After cutting the music traks with the band, we then went to lunch with Kim, her business Partner Susan Tucker, and friend and outstanding singer/songwriter Rachel Williams.

At the restaurant we ran into the legendary Writer/Producer/ASCAP mogul, Ralph Murphy, I told him "thanks for the book, I have a copy in my backpack at the studio" (you can't make this stuff up) it seemed like I may be a fish out of water in Nashville as I got caught up in the notion that "its all country" not so, its really "all music"

The vibe I got is that everyone is a writer, musician, arranger, singer, and, or, some kind of artistic content provider, the place just vibrates music………i wrote a new song 15 minutes before my Friday recording session in the hotel room and was almost late to the studio,......................


Next trip was at the end of April, same lineup, Kim Producing, we produced 4 songs this time out, the experience intensified, and I felt like the band, myself, and Kim had a tighter understanding and connection to the music. I have already written 6 more songs for the next trip back, that is to eventually be the unveiling of my long awaited release "Geography of the Soul" the single will be available in a few weeks time at CDbaby, and Itunes. 




James Kevin O'Connor| Master Storyteller | Singer/Songwriter | Audio/Video Artist