What does that mean? Geography of the Soul, something we are all learning, we all seem to be navigating, we all seem to have this insatiable thirst, and even though we attempt to satisfy this thirst, it is not to be satiated with material wants, and often physical or social encounters that we really don't want or need, as it only seems to heighten our sense of being lost and lonely. 

It is perhaps the quietude we really seek but are so deathly afraid of, GOS was written with the idea that by examining our own inner landscape, perhaps we can live from a more enlightened and peaceful place. As the visual story unfolded while filming, some interesting metaphor's developed in front of the camera,  this land is your land, American flag, Indian territory, (who's land is it anyway?) Freedom tower, etc,

For me, it all ties back to my tiny little world of being an artist, and trying to convey a sense of who am I? what do I see,? what do I communicate to myself and others? what do I believe in? Some days I am dead sure, some days, just don't know what to think,  just trying to fit in, be a good man to others, although I often fail miserably, I still need to exterminate the pessimist, and invigorate the optimist that resides deep within my spirit, after all,

why just settle for the map, when you can celebrate the territory?  

Question everything, but above all, embrace the GEOGRAPHY OF YOUR SOUL!    


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James Kevin O'Connor| Master Storyteller | Singer/Songwriter | Audio/Video Artist