Joy Villa created her own platform, from humble beginnings to the White House, she did it all with Joy in her heart!

Joy in her Rock n Roll Armadillo outfit in New York City

Joy in her Rock n Roll Armadillo outfit in New York City

Joy Villa makes the static, but it is really good and necessary static, the kind that challenges your thinking, and inspires you to be a better you. She never does this by lecturing people then going off and not following her own truth, she walks her talk, and lives her truth and wants the same for you.  Following her 2017 Grammy appearance she went right to the #1 spot on Itunes and Amazon, beating out major label stars, Beyonce, Adele, and Lady Gaga, and landed her a #1 album in Alternative, #1 in Rock, and a #12 spot on the Billboards top 200 albums!

Joy is a born entertainer and tours 25 countries a year and has "wowed" the world with her Red Carpet style. Entertainment Weekly, 'E", New York Daily News, Los Angels times, all have taken interest in this rising international "Indie" pop star, political activist, and fashion model. So if you were wondering "if you could do it?" I think Joy would answer you, "Yes you can!" Let's dig in and find out how, shall we?

Joy had a conversation with her husband and her designer about wearing a Trump dress to the Grammy's, and after her husband said no, that would be dangerous, Joy responded by saying, "yes, let's make a Trump dress" her rebellious self just could not help it. But her rebellious self was being guided by her correct moral compass doing the right thing by herself and, for others by bringing not only attention to the candidate that she felt was right for the country, but by adding some playfulness and fun to the red carpet.

The dress was wrapped up in White, and as Joy moved down the red carpet sharing her message of love, togetherness, compassion, and bringing people together, (always her message), and her sacred heart purse, she got to the end of the carpet where it was all photo's, she swung around and removed the white covering and behold the royal blue "Make America Great Again" dress was revealed with "Trump on the Rump"

The backlash came in the form of death threats, "string her up, how dare you, someone should kill her, hunt her down, stop inviting her, but it was way more love than hate", recounts Joy "because everyone that supported me came out extra strong and sent me letters, emails, and I did all the media, Fox News, etc, and everyone that I could talk to. One of the producers at the Grammy's came up to me and asked, is this a joke, is this being ironic? I said no, I voted 100% for Trump".

"Home Sweet Home" Joy's newest EP surpassing Taylor Swift on the charts, our first track during the interview, find out what it's like to travel all over the world and make your dreams come true! "America your everything to me, America, Home Sweet Home To Me" check out this fabulous song in the interview and find out why this song is such a smash!

The Armadillo photo was amazing and I had to comment on this, (I included above) it's a rock n roll suit of armor! Created by some fabulous Lady in NYC who also made many of the classic stage costumes for artists like Blondie. She loaned this one to Joy, but Joy loved it so much she had to buy it from her, it's a very NY R & R type of look, it's got scales and is totally cool! Don't forget about the earings with the lightning bolts~

Joy's regiment is to work out consistently, now twice a day, using self-discipline, cardio in the morning 30-45 minutes. Come back for coffee, check email. A regular day is embracing routines that help her, lots of water, she is also a practicing vegan for 13 years, and lately its been back to the gym at night for weight training. The one big change is that Joy is now a homebody at night, and protects her time at home, but when she is out, she is out......... and loving that also.

Find out more about Joy the Mother, her past, her new book, her new friend Ivanka Trump, and many more golden nuggets in this interview that you simply must download to hear all of the amazing content, including the brand new song's "Make America Great Again", "Devil in the City",  and the making her new video in Bali with over half a million views, "Vagabonds"!












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