Jenny Vinatieri, she has artistry in her blood, is that why she is so good at what she does?

                                                                                          JENNY VINATIERI

                                                                                          JENNY VINATIERI

I would see these posts on Instagram, I was always very drawn to her content, for the following reasons, she is a very attractive woman, (but there are many attractive women on Insta) no that was not it entirely, there was something very unique and artistic about her posts. Always messing with her own photographs, big cool red glasses, or turning her face into a skeleton, showing extreme close ups with no makeup, (that is the tell of beauty and confidence) I could see the artist unfolding. 

Are you a "real artist" do you give it up for the beauty of the song, the phrase, the lyric that just drops right into the keyhole? Isn't that a rush? when you are so dialed in, that nothing else matters except the words and music blushing together in cosmic radiance and only you have the keys to that engine that fires so many imaginations.............ones you might see on the street, but most you will never meet, as they are locked into their  own private world of imagination, listening to the sonic tapestry and words  you created that stimulate and challenge ones thinking out of the ordinary.

Being that person, having that clear vision and determination is a very special gift, you may have eaten beans to get enough cash together for your last recording session. You may have slept in your car, or in the Shell station ladies room! ( I will save that story for another day) But a true artist will do damn near anything to create their art, its a precious part of their soul, and without birthing it in its due time, there will be constant pain and hemorrhaging of the imagination until the relief of creativity is achieved.

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