Linda Gambino from Roma Italy was a Political Science Major, but along came Berkeley College of Music!



Memorial Day 2018.  Many in the US and also other comrades from other countries died arm in arm with their American brothers fighting so we could listen to Linda's music, my music, your music. I pick music because that is who I am, and what I do, and to me, it represents the pure essence of freedom. Speaking of freedom it is only fitting that we debut the world premiere of Linda Gambino's amazing new single on Memorial Day here in the United States. I would call on all of my worldwide dHarmic Evolutionists to tune in and celebrate with us by listening to Linda's new song!

To be able to walk across the room and pick up a guitar, and wait for the Muse (God) to reveal something special, and to even have the time and opportunity to do so, not hiding in a basement hoping that a marauding gang of the latest political uprising doesn't ferret me and my family out and kill us just because we might have contrary belief paradigms.

So it is fitting on this Memorial day to have Linda Gambino's interview from Italy on the dHarmic Evolution Podcast today. Born and raised in Italy then came to America to study at the prestigious Berkeley College of Music in New York City. She traded in her political science major for a piano, a microphone, and a vivid imagination. We are happy she did, here is Linda Gambino.

I saw Linda on Facebook, I listened to her music, I was intrigued, I loved her Pop Rock EDM style and very powerful vocals. She was gracious enough to come on the dHarmic Evolution and share her world Premier "Freedom" so take a breath and listen to this really cool lady who you will become instant friends with as soon as you spend a few minutes with her!

Do you like Pasta? Well, that is one of Linda's specialties, I can see her in her Mediterranean kitchen on Holiday getaway cooking up a fine culinary delight for her friends and making music, and writing songs under the moonlight!

"Why did I Lie?" A love story separated by time and circumstance. Grief and misdirected emotion sometimes have a way of disallowing a love to be nurtured and take on roots. The card that was sent with the photo of the sea and the clouds framed in black and white, "you'll never find someone who loves you like I do" 

"Revolution" Linda's video, there is also an Italian version of this with 1/2 the song in Italian and 1/2 the song in English. "Romeo and Juliet are forever gone, and London bridge is falling down and were all falling too, your majesties are out of reach, and were just squeezing in, it's a Revolution, see the stars and galaxies in our hearts"

Listen/download episode of the Lovely Linda Gambino, her music and her stories right here!

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