"Gender Genocide", Why are Men and Women turning on each other world wide?

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                      Gender Genocide

You girls gossip, like we drink Vodka, now we're both talking trash about each other's past, now you're alright, and we're all wrong, I hear the DJ playing, that favorite breakup song.....

I can clearly see what we’ve come to be, what made us decide, to generate those ties, it’s a heartless exercise, and it’s tearing me inside, it’s just DNA colliding its Gender Genocide

So you got a divorce and it was all his fault of course, and me I’m spitting anger unloading on a stranger, you're on your 13th cosmo, and I’m dancing with Jack Daniels, it’s a never-ending learning journey, I’m not equipped to handle.

We used to be a perfect painting etched in colored glass, but we went crashing to the pavement, and we were shattered, then scattered, a trillion tiny shiny memories reflected through the glass, shattered then scattered, as the southern wind came whipping through our tortured torrid past.....

Why is divorce still so rampant among the countries of the world, some more than others. What country has the highest divorce rate in the world, and why? I just might have the answer in this episode!

It’s Trevor’s birthday today (July 25th) Trevor Kevin O’Connor you can check out our "Father and Son" Singer/Songwriters interview right here on DE63.

The divorce rate in the US is 53%, however, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Hungary are worse off with divorce rates exceeding 60% but get this, Chile has a 3% divorce rate, I may be moving to Chile today!

But the nutcracker of all nuts, “Maldives” the highest divorce rate in the world, the average local 30-year-old has already been married and divorced 3 times! and is ready for the 4th?? what??
Ironically it's also a favorite destination for newlyweds looking for romance on their honeymoon!

Then there are the "Chainbreakers" 

It is quite common in the Maldives for a man to divorce and remarry his wife for no other reason than to show that he is angry with her. Maldivian law, however, prohibits a man from marrying the same woman for the fourth time in a row. This is where the chain breaker comes in. He marries the woman and spends one night with her, as Sharia law prescribes, divorcing her the next day. This allows her initial husband to re-marry her for the fourth time. Chain breakers are held in high esteem because they provide a valuable service and can be trusted not to force the woman to have sex, to which they have a legal right. Confused yet? A lawyers paradise!

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