Laura Cheadle, teaches us how to "Chill" also, Professor Scott Geller hits our International TV show!

Laura Cheadle teaching us how to “Chill”, her new album reveals the beautiful heart that beats beneath the groove in her soul~

Laura Cheadle, a selfless and giving young woman, she is as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside. A passionately driven singer-songwriter who is fiercely dedicated to her artistry and never shies away from any opportunity to dive deeper into her craft simply for the sake of doing it, because that’s what she was born to do.

Join me in this celebration of Laura’s brand new release “Chill”, let’s dive in together and witness a real artists rendition of what living life on your own terms is all about. We will pick it up from Laura just finishing a 10 mile run at the Gym…….no wonder she can hold those notes forever! Get yourself a beer or a cup of coffee, then scroll down to the player and join us! I think you are going to enjoy this fabulous hang with Laura, she is the kind of woman that you could spend the entire afternoon with, jamming, writing, storytelling, and maybe just hanging out and sharing each other's "Chill" factor......................


Who is Laura Cheadle?

If you’re longing for some real music that you can feel in your heart, lyrics that speak to your soul, and a live performance with the power to blow the roof off the sky, you can stop right here. If you’re tired of all the staged choreography, blinding light shows, capes, costumes, lip-synching and auto-tunes that seems to have taken over live performances, you have found a place to rest, refresh, and renew. Welcome to the world of Laura Cheadle.

Along with her Family Band, she has opened for some of the biggest names in the business and won numerous awards, including “Best Indie Jazz/Blues Band” at WXPN sponsored Tri- State Indie Music Awards. She has performed on stages from NYC to London, appeared on 6ABC’s “Tuned In” as the very first viewer’s choice, the “NBC 10″ Show, and the National reality show “Next Great Family Band.” Laura was recently featured in Curve Magazine, named one of “100 Women We Love” in Go Magazine, and declared a “Super Woman” in South Jersey Magazine for her active Charity Work.

Never one to measure herself according to the trends of the times or the female singer “ flavour of the month,” Laura has carved out her own lane since she began performing as a child, and she has done it the old-fashioned way, on pure talent. Gifted with a voice powerful enough to shake rafters, and tender enough to navigate the entire range of the emotional scale, Laura Cheadle is a singer commanding more than just a listen or a look. Her albums, like her concerts, are an experience. Inseparable from the truth of the songs she writes, the raw emotion that tears out of her reach deep into your heart with the kind of performance we now only see in films like “Woodstock.”

With a vocal style that is a mesmerizing blend of soulful blues and timeless rock with both feet planted firmly in the funk, she brings her own unique interpretation to every song she sings, regardless of the genre she takes on. Whether it’s a concert of her own material, a sophisticated cabaret show, or a monster blues jam at the close of a festival, what you see and hear is what you’ll always.

Check out the James O'Connor Agency Youtube channel and find out about the legacy of Alumni Professor Scott Geller, who has dedicated 5 decades to his passion, his students, his University, and his more recent project, the Actively Caring for People movement. Here is Scott speaking at his fabulously successful Ted X talk, that has scored multi-million views and is still going strong. The James O'Connor Agency also wrote and produced a custom song for Scott and his brand, ("Here to Share & Care") that is featured here in this interview. 

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